Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Older Man Fucks Woman to Orgasm in Hot Tub

Opens with older man fucking a younger woman in a hot tub. A women and man are urging them on, likely their spouses. The woman watching is relieved to get the camera rolling and chuckles, showing that it's something out of the ordinary that she wants to capture. Beer cans line the hot tub, so they're boozed up and more loose than normal. The woman moans a bit as the older man starts pumpin her and says to him "You ok?". He responds "Ohhh, I'm good." showing that she's still a little unsure of the act, and getting a read on how he feels about it. He keeps pounding and her moans increase. He reaches around and rubs her clit and she reaches up to grab more support as he pounds her. He grabs her large tits. Her moaning gets louder and the older man moans "ohhh fuck". Her man chants out "Go. Go. Cum. Oh fuck ya, baby." She cums hard, moaning and rocking her ass on his dick. Breathless, then gasping, then moaning. The older man smiles and gets some nice hard deep thrusts in her as she gasps in extacy. She murmurs "fucking killing me" just before the vid ends.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Asian Wife Dominated by Black Bull

A hot asian wife is driven mad with lust as a big black bull gives her a hard, passionate fuck. The big black bull holds her tight, kisses her lustfully, and pulls her down on his big black dick. He instructs her to tell her filming husband how much she likes it. She hesitates, showing how shy and innocent she is. The husband prompts her on, demonstrating how he's the driving force behind her escapade. She manages to overcome her self-consciousness and begins to say how much she likes it until the bull pulls her close and drives it deep, breaking her sentence off in a moan of ecstasy. The bull moves her around like a rag doll, fucking her powerfully and continuing to prompt her to tell her husband how much she's enjoying it. She continues to be meek, but obviously is in heaven and trying to save her husband's feelings. She sucks him eagerly before getting railed again as she bites his arm, driven mad with lust.

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